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Belgian furniture Salon BELUX is founded in 1997. It was the first furniture showroom in Tbilisi
which imported the high quality European furniture in Georgia. At the same period, BELUX as
brand began to develop too. The first PR campaign was Billboard and TV advertisement where
the consumers saw the bull lying on the sofa. It turned out to be effective and memorable for
The first BELUX showroom was opened in the exhibition center EXPO GEORGIA. Along its
developing periods BELUX had three showrooms across Tbilisi. Finally all these were united in
one space, where the most diverse selection of Furniture was placed and thus, the purchasing
process was rather simplified for the consumers.
In a very short period, BELUX managed to gain the reputation of the most sophisticated,
tasteful and European standard furniture showroom. Up today it maintains the status of leading
company on Georgian market owing three biggest showrooms in Tbilisi and Batumi city with the
total shopping space of 25000 square meters.
In the BELUX showrooms there are presented the diverse collections imported from 117
supplier of 7 European and Asian countries, offering to its customers various style and design,
interior and exterior, high quality eco-friendly furniture and home accessories. In addition,
BELUX has own distribution company with the warehouse system of 15 000 square meters.


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