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Why should you choose Belux?

20 March, 2019

Belux is one of the leading furniture company in Georgia, which has been established since 1997.

Belux showrooms present high quality acological clean and various styles of interior and exterior furniture as well as home accessories from 7 countries of Europe and Asia: Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, China, Indonesia.


Belux was the first

Belux was the first greatest furniture shop in Georgia, where all kind of customers could choose furniture.

High quality and wide range of products are fundamental values of  our company, since 1997.


Our designers and import managers, are always ready for innovations and hardly appreciate requirements of our customers.


Variety and comfort 

Belux is distinguished in Georgia with its largest showrooms.

The company foresees different types of customer’s demands and offers them highest quality product according to their needs taste and financial conditions. 


Individual lifestyle

Live with precious perception is the slogan of Belux that’s why we always offer you high quality products for all kind of budget.

Reasonable investition

Quality is the most important thing for all kind of people, because nobody is reach enough to buy purchase low quality products. 


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